Co-Creation Map

This map is here to inspire you to explore and create your own co-creation journey. It is based on our own experience working with autistic children and people with dementia as well as their environments. 

The map can be applied in various contexts, emphasising the importance of exploring all areas of co-creation to build confidence in engaging in creative and playful activities with your audiences.

It can be used chronologically- by beginning with Neighborhood of our Audiences and ending at Common Playground – or by selecting specific topics, with the possibility to adapt activities to changing audience needs over time.

The map serves as a tool for an ongoing journey of learning and creativity.

Tools in Practice

Austria: Tales of Exotic Travels

Croatia: The Suitcase of Elements

Finland: Variations of Mirroring

Hungary: Clownify the Classroom

Lithuania: Role Play as Mobilizing Agent

Spain: The Parachute

"Clowning Connects Us" is a large-scale Creative Europe Cooperation project conducted by eight European Healthcare Clowning Organisations from 2020 to 2023.

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