Show or Tell

Name of the tool:

What the result will look like:

A visual or a narrative presentation of the artists’ the perception on artistic practices (subject of the learning process).

Description of the tool:

“Show or Tell” is a dynamic learning exercise, designed to facilitate the understanding and application of artistic tools. In this activity, participants showcase how they used artistic tools in practice through either verbal explanation (tell) or practical demonstration (show). The presentation can include different aids such as pictures, objects, quotes, or mini-games.

When it can be used:

The primary aim of “Show or Tell” is to deepen the artsts’ understanding of artistic tools and their potential. The practical application of the tools can be expanded through peer sharing.

Through this exercise, artists can share their insights, which can contribute to the evaluation of the scope of artistic tools and the discovery of different perspectives. This activity is particularly effective when introducing new tools.

Who it’s useful for:

The artists can employ “Show or Tell” to articulate and showcase how they have integrated artistic tools into their practice.

Length of process:

It is an exercise that is typically integrated in a larger event. The duration of the “Show or Tell” exercise varies based on the complexity of the tools being presented and the number of participants / teams.

Typically, a presentation can take around 15 minutes, allowing sufficient time for both explanation and demonstration.

Main features - advantages:

Interactive Learning: Engages participants in an interactive and dynamic learning process. It facilitates experiential learning through practical demonstrations.

Diverse Presentations: Allows for a variety of presentation styles, accommodating different learning preferences. It enhances communication and presentation skills.

Knowledge Sharing: Facilitates the sharing of practical insights and experiences among participants.

Main features - disadvantages:

Preparation is required: It requires additional time beforehand for preparation from the artists and the potential use of props (in the case of the “Show” variant)

Difficulty in estimating time: Depending on the number of participants, the process could extend beyond the allocated time.

Guidelines for implementation:

Clear Instructions: Provide participants with clear guidelines on how to structure their “Show or Tell” presentation. Give them an indication on how to choose necessary materials, visuals, or props to effectively demonstrate the use of artistic tools.

Encourage Creativity: Emphasize the use of creative and interactive elements to make presentations engaging.

Time Management: Ensure that each participant has an appropriate amount of time for the presentation, with a balance between depth and concision.

Tool in practice:

During ClowNexus, the artists presented in the Artistic Laboratories their experiences testing the new artistic tools and shared the main learning points through “Show or Tell”. The team had around 20 minutes to present.

Origin of the tool:

This tool was developed in the ClowNexus project.