Name of the tool:


What the result will look like:

Short events to share knowledge inside the organisations.

Description of the tool:

The Multiplier Session is a concise gathering where a healthcare clown artist (or group) with knowledge and experience in working in a certain context (e.g. with a specific audience, using certain artistic tools or techniques, etc.) shares insights within their organisations or with artistic peers/communities.

This dynamic exchange of knowledge will focus on different aspects, including audience preferences, the use of specific artistic resources or the use of unique techniques.

Whether sharing insights within their own organisations or engaging with artistic peers and communities, this type of events – where a clown artist (or a group of clown artists take on the mission to share their knowledge and drive collaborative learning – facilitates the sharing of expertise and enriches the collective understanding of artistic activities tailored to specific audiences.

When it can be used:

The session facilitates the dissemination of valuable knowledge, fostering a more informed and skilled team.

This tool is most effective when there is a need to share knowledge within an organisation or community.

It can be used at any stage of the healthcare clowning process to enhance the team’s understanding and approach to specific audience groups.

Who it’s useful for:

The Multiplier Session is beneficial for healthcare clown artists and teams seeking to broaden their expertise in addressing the unique needs and nuances of specific audience groups.

It serves as a targeted learning opportunity for those working in diverse healthcare settings. Conducting these sessions empowers the artists.

Length of process:

The session is designed to be a brief and focused event, typically spanning a short duration to efficiently communicate specialized knowledge without disrupting the regular workflow.

As it is based on sharing existing knowledge and expertise, the preparation is not time-consuming.

Main features - advantages:

Specialized Knowledge Transfer: Enables the transfer of in-depth knowledge from a specialist to the broader team.

Efficiency: Offers a quick and targeted approach to learning, minimizing disruptions to regular activities.

Team Building: Promotes a shared understanding and collaborative approach within the healthcare clowning team.

Main features - disadvantages:

Limited Scope: The session may focus on a specific audience or context, limiting its applicability to broader healthcare clowning practices.

Dependency on Expertise: Success relies on the availability and willingness of a healthcare clown artist with specialized knowledge to share.

Guidelines for implementation:

Identify Expertise: Recognize individuals within the organization with specialized knowledge in a particular audience context.

Define Objectives: Clearly outline the goals and specific knowledge to be shared during the Multiplier Session.

Structured Format: Design the session with a focused and organized format to maximize information transfer.

Gather Input: Incorporate information from used reporting tools (written reports, observation forms etc.) into the training process.

Active Participation: Encourage active engagement and questions from participants to enhance learning.

Tool in practice:

During ClowNexus, there were multiple occasions where the multiplier sessions were used. The artists directly involved in ClowNexus shared the learnings and new perspectives with team members in their respective organisations during local/regional/national workshops, dissemination events, national camps, etc.

Origin of the tool:

This is a commonly used tool by organisations that want to extend knowledge and experience across the organisation.