Sequence of a song

Intention: Forge connections, sing together, provide a musical impulse. 

We start with a well-known and simple song upon our arrival. The familiarity of the music immediately invites the audience to join in.  

The song serves to establish connections and create an inviting atmosphere in the room.  

As we move around the room, we play with the volume of the music and our distance from the audience.  

During our playful interactions, we gradually decrease the volume of the music and leave the room, only to return after a while, resuming the same melody sequence. 

Develop the game of disappearing and reappearing step by step.  

Initially, allow the melody to disappear. Music acts as a strong impulse; residents can restart it at will.  

Initiating the melody anew imparts a sense of security, while reappearing adds an element of playfulness.