As a person’s dementia progresses, the cognitive functioning is decreasing, resulting in reduced communication and social isolation. The elderly seems to withdraw into their own world. How is it possible to tell their needs and if their needs are met?

Interview with Helena Martínez, Social educator at Fundació Pere Relats, Barcelona

What is Dementia Care Mapping and how does it work?

Dementia Care Mapping is an observational and quality assessment tool that aims to measure elements of both quality of life and quality of care.

DCM is designed to provide a better level of well-being through observation for individuals with cognitive impairment who cannot express their needs or feelings.

The mapping is the methodology of intensive and detailed real-time observation that allows professionals trained in DCM, known as mappers, to work with dementia patients in specialized care environments.

Mappers observe whether the person receives interactions from the attending staff, evaluate them, and determine their impact.

With all the data and behaviors collected, a well-being score, engagement, and activity participation, among others, is obtained, which will determine the level of well-being the person exhibits and also establish guidelines for action.


What kind of reactions of the residents of the elderly home did you observer during the encounter with the international group of clown artists? Is there any feedback or recommendations that you could draw from your observations to improve the interactions between the elderly and the artists?


The reactions we observed in the residents during the interaction with the international group of clown artists were positive. It is worth noting that the individualized interactions, maintaining visual and physical contact resulted in more reactions and connection from the residents.

Thank you, for your visit, it has been a very emotional afternoon. The impact of this intervention with the clowns has been tremendous, not only for the residents but also for the staff. We appreciate your support for projects like Clownexus and for involving us. Elder people need more moments of laughter, emotions, and connection. Pallapupas helps make this possible.

photocredits: Pallapupas

This interview was conducted with the help of Yaiza Nieto from Pallapupas.
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