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From May 15 to 20, more than 20 international artists and specialists from seven countries gathered for the dementia laboratory of the ClowNexus project.

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In May 2022, Pallapupas has led the second laboratory on dementia of the Clownexus project, which this time took place in the city of Barcelona.

From May 15th to 20th, more than 20 artists from seven European healthcare clown organisations that are part of the ClowNexus project met in Barcelona. This week’s work has focused on deepening the work with artistic methodologies, such as using music, working on intuition and emotions, enhancing empathy, working with experts in the field on all aspects of dementia essential for this project.

Exercises, reflections and exchange of ideas have served as a guide for this process.

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A highly inspiring part of the event were the conversations with experts and social workers such as Ibon Núñez, who spoke about supporting mourning processes. Elena Fernandez and Josep Vila i Miravent addressed the following topics: How to approach people with dementia? What do they need? How to connect? Do they have different needs? What is our role as “companions” of people with dementia?


Experts and workers in the field of music therapy in geriatric  care were also present, which served to complement the knowledge of the artists and participants. Also, on May 19 an activity was scheduled at the Pere Relats residence, and elderly home in Barcelona where Pallapupas performs interventions twice a week since 2009.

Dementia Clowning on silent sole_1

At Pere Relats special intervention was carried out with all the artists resulting in a participatory performance for all the residents of the institution. Researchers evaluated the intervention and performed DCM (Dementia Care Mapping), observing the reactions of the residents in order to contextualise them from the specific point of view of dementia.


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