Join the class

Intention: minimise the fear of strangers, improve the children’s social skills, improve their rule-following skills

The clowns seamlessly integrate into the daily classroom routines with a gentle and sensitive presence, always open and playful. 

While they actively participate in the regular activities, they still carry out their clownish behaviour, often dialled down to about 30% to avoid disrupting the class. 

Nevertheless, their genuine openness and playful spirit shine through. They engage in the same exercises and lessons as the children, even receive the same rewards.

This touch of playfulness often works wonders. It can rekindle the interest of a child who may have been struggling to focus, or inspire a child who typically isolates themselves to join in during teamwork exercises. 

The clowns act as catalysts to create an inclusive and engaging atmosphere within the classroom, fostering connection and participation among the children.