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In our experience through ClowNexus, people with dementia and autistic children can both enjoy art because it engages their senses, lets them express themselves without words, gives them a sense of structure and freedom, and helps them remember and share emotions. Art is a way for us all to connect and communicate.

Intention: connection, repetition, nostalgia 

We arrive with music, with a well-known song from the past. 

This music serves as the initial invitation to join us, instantly capturing attention, tapping into emotional memories, and creating an immediate connection. 

To infuse the interaction with playfulness, we create simple and fun choreography for the audiences. 

The choreography centers around various body parts, each with its unique set of moves, involving hands, feet, the nose, and more. 

We warmly invite the audience to partake in these lively movements, creating a collective dancing activity filled with shared enjoyment.

Additionally, this approach serves as an effective tool for capturing and maintaining attention, helping to guide and focus the participants. 

Keep the choreography straightforward and easy to follow, with a focus on increasing the fun factor rather than complexity as we build up the activity. 

Give enough time for the audiences to join in and fully enjoy the movements.

Intention: connecting, refreshing the atmosphere. 

Music serves as the foundation, and dancing acts as a tool for exploring various levels of synchronised movement. 

We provide the impulse and extend invitations through both tactile and non-tactile movement. 

We offer suggestions for discovering the joy of dancing by exclusively involving specific body parts. 

Our focus lies in attending to sensory impulses through touch, engaging with the airflow generated by our movements, and creating opportunities for observation and enjoyment while watching others dance. 

Everyone observing is encouraged to join in the collective joy.

A careful and considerate approach is essential when dealing with sensory impulses and physical touch. 

Each interaction is presented as a suggestion, always respecting the individual’s need for acceptance. 

Participation in the physical activity is open to all residents, allowing everyone to join freely. 

Those who prefer to observe rather than actively participate also contribute to the joyful atmosphere, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared delight.